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What We Can Do For Your Business


Riddos offers a complete range of marketing, business consulting and implementation services.

The key word being “IMPLEMENTATION”.

Everything we do for your business is based on action towards a guaranteed result. From our business and marketing plan development to accurately identifying and organising the specific events that will launch your brand, boost immediate sales and rapidly develop a targeted database of hungry prospects.

Riddos specialist consulting services ensure that your company builds a strong and loyal customer base upon a solid foundation of good business planning and financial judgement.

Below are just some of the personalised services we offer our valued clients.

Business Consulting:

  • Initial business planning and development support to ensure you get started on the right path to success from the “get-go”.
  • Strategic and specific marketing plans that you can turn to time and time again to boost sales and increase profits.
  • Proven, effective sales training that ensures your sales people close a higher percentage of leads than ever before.
  • Business structuring services to avoid those paperwork headaches.
  • Keeping your company finances in perfect working order with precise business budgeting and auditing services
  • Assist the continued growth of your business through acquisition planning and support, and strategic product sourcing.
  • Meticulous recruitment services that ensure you get the right people who will contribute to your businesses growth.

Brand Activation and Brand Entertainment:

  • Our brand activation services create seamless integration of all available communication means to effectively engage your target market and convert them into loyal customers.
    This means we will pinpoint your target market and use a combination of conventional and innovative marketing strategies to introduce your brand and generate ongoing sales for your business
  • Brand Entertainment design that puts your company at the front of your consumers mind. Through creative online competitions, strategic event placement and exciting brand management, we build you a strong and responsive database of hungry buyers that you can inexpensively communicate with.
  • Mobile building and vehicle design and manufacture, for event and street marketing that gets attention.
  • Complete ROI tracking so you know where your investment is being deployed and exactly what return you are getting on your money. This allows you to direct your budget where it is most effective.
  • Rapid and cost effective database building of targeted prospects using our proven methods that generate instant results.
  • Complete and measurable advertising and direct marketing campaign design, implementation, tracking and testing.
  • Experts in sponsorship management. We can find and manage the right ambassador to take your brand to the masses.

All of our services are customizable to your specific situation, goals and budget.

Through consultation and thorough planning we will develop and implement a program that will achieve your individual goals.

We also offer client payment plans so you can start to see results immediately while keeping costs down.

To see how we can fast track your success call us on 0450 097 723.

And yes all our services are guaranteed “No Risk” without exception. If we do not produce the results we promise, you don’t pay us a cent.

“Taking your brand to the people”