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Company Overview

Riddo's Consulting Company Overview

When choosing a company to help you build your small to medium sized business you need the experience that comes with actually being in the trenches, building businesses and living by the results we get for our clients.

Everything we do when launching your company’s brand awareness and marketing campaigns comes from our more than 20 years experience launching, developing and growing businesses just like yours.

Riddos Consulting has helped create massively successful businesses both as hired consultants, and dedicated entrepreneurs. Recently launching a company from complete start-up with $0 income to more than $4 Million in annual income in under 7 years.

Riddos Consulting have constantly remained dedicated to giving the kind of personalized, attention to detail service that only a specialist, boutique-consulting firm can offer.

With a long and prestigious background in sales, marketing and brand development for both private and public companies, Riddos consulting understand what it takes to get the results you desire.

We explore many different approaches to customise the most cost-effective and profitable strategy for your specific situation.

Fabian Coulthard is on the case

Building strong relationships with our clients and working closely with your business allows us to understand your objectives and uncover the strategies that fit both your goals and budget.

You also get the benefits of having close contact with David Ridden our Marketing Manager Brand Entertainment & Sponsorship and his team, so you are certain that your company is getting the attention it needs.

The thing I love the most is being able to use our experience in business to help others and the joy of seeing new brands come to life is very rewarding, although I would have to say the best thing about working in this environment is working with the team of people we have, as business is simple, it’s about people. You are only as good as the people you have around you.

David Ridden
Riddos Consulting Marketing Manager Brand Entertainment & Sponsorship

Over the past ten years David has been the driving force behind the successful launch of various brands such as Oakley Racing Division, Leatt-Brace, Tendence Watches, MedPod ­Mobile Medical Centre and Autofocus in the Australian market.